How to Control a Robot with ROS2 (Dashing) Open Class

Open Class: How to Control a Robot with ROS2 (Dashing)

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this class, you will learn how to control a robot with ROS2 in order to follow a person.

Why is it so important to learn this topic?

We know that the migration to ROS2 is already happening, and it's so important to get on it. Controlling a robot is the most important part of robotics, and using ROS2 could be an interesting way to do it. If you know a little of ROS1 Basics, you'll find many similarities, and working with topics, publishers, and subscribers is the main part of this.

This ROSject has been created by Christian Chavez and Ricardo Tellez from The Construct. You can use this ROSject freely as long as you keep this notice.


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