Controlling a ROS Robot with a Web Page Open Class

Open Class: Controlling a ROS Robot with a Web Page

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this class, you will learn how to control a ROS robot with a web page.

Why is it so important to learn this topic?

It is very common to work with robots on different platforms or apps, but why is it so important to be able to do it from a web page? As we all know, having the internet has gone from being a luxury to a complete need, and many of our devices use and navigate the internet, that is, they have a browser installed that allows access to a web page. This is the main reason to communicate with a ROS robot through a web page - it can be so useful to communicate with a simulation or even a real robot from any type of device that is connected to the internet.

But how do you connect with a roscore? How will it work? How do you publish in a ROS topic? How do you interact through the website with the robot? How do you develop a graphical interface that facilitates its use with the user? How do you debug the website from the browser?

Well, this live class aims to answer most of these questions, at least at an introductory level, at the start of this wonderful world where robotics and web pages come together.

Join us in this interesting class and learn all of this in more detail. In order to understand this class better, we recommend that you have some prerequisites.

In this class, you're going to use the IgnisBot by The Construct and learn more about our robot model.

Previous Knowledge Requirements

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