Carrot Navigation using AR Tags Open Class

Open Class: Carrot Navigation using AR Tags

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this live show we solve a question about Carrot Navigation using AR Tags.

This is a question asked by Wayne from Taiwan at our questions page ( His question:

 Hi devs! I'd like to know how to create a gazebo simulation environment with apriltag in it and use it to do some simple navigation (e.g., control car to the positions of each apriltag within a given order)Thank you very much! Cheers,Wayne.

So we are showing in this live show how to build such simulation and how to use the simple carrot planner of the ROS navigation stack to make a wheeled robot move following an AR tag.

For simplicity for us, we are going to use AR tags instead of April tags. We provide instructions, though, on where to find information about how to do the change to April tags.

Many other questions will also be answered.

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