ROS Perception in 5 Days Course - Python

Learn OpenCV, FaceRecognition, Person tracking and object recognition in ROS1Noetic system

ROS Perception in 5 Days course

Course Summary

Perception is probably one of the most important things when we talk about autonomy.

In this course you will learn how perception is performed by robots using the ROS Framework.

What you will learn

At the end of this course you will fell comfortable about making robots do the following things:

  1. Track objects by its color blobs
  2. Navigate following floor lines with only RGB camera
  3. Detect human faces and track them
  4. Recognize different faces
  5. Track a person through a 3D environment
  6. Recognize flat surfaces like tables where object might be placed
  7. Recognize objects and track them in 3D space with PointCloudSensors
  8. Use Yolo for object recognition and tracking in 3D space

Course Overview

Perception with ROS Intro

Know what you will learn in this course and how

Vision Basics Blob Tracking

First steps in image perception through blob tracking

Vision Basics Follow Line

Learn about OpenCV and how to use it to follow lines

Surface and Object Recognition

Learn how to recognise flatsurfaces and objects

Yolo 3D object location

Yolo in ROS and 3D location

Face Detection and tracking

Learn how to detect people faces.

Face Recognition

Learn how to make Fetch robot able to recognise different people

People Tracking

Learn how to follow people using ROS Packages

PhantomX Hexapod Perception Project

You will apply all you learned in the course with an Hexapd names PhantomX


Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Robots used

Fetch robot

Fetch robot

Mira robot

Mira robot

phantomx robot

phantomx robot

pr2 robot

pr2 robot

Turtlebot robot

Turtlebot robot

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