ROS Basics in 5 Days (Python) Course - Python

Learn the fundamentals of ROS to understand and be able to program robots.

ROS Basics in 5 Days (Python) course

Course Summary

Interested in learning how to program robots with ROS, but don’t know where to get started?

The ROS BASICS IN 5 DAYS course will take you quickly and smoothly into ROS. You will learn the essential concepts and tools to be able to understand and create any basic ROS related projects.

What you will learn

Course Overview


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ROS Deconstruction

Guide that will help you in order to correctly follow this Course.

ROS Basics

Basic ROS concepts: Nodes, Parameter Server, Environment Variables, Roscore, etc...

Understanding ROS Topics - Publishers

What are ROS Topics, Publishers, Topic Messages and how they work.

Understanding ROS Topics - Subscribers & Messages

What is a Subscriber and how to create one, as well as how to create your own message.

Understanding ROS Services - Clients

What is a ROS Service, how to manage services in a robot and how to call a service.

Understanding ROS Services - Server

How to create a Service and how to create your own Service Message.

Using Python Classes in ROS

How to create ROS programs using Python classes.

Understanding ROS Actions - Clients

What is a ROS Action, how to manage actions in a robot and how to call an Action Server.

Understanding ROS Actions - Servers

How to create an Action Server and how to build your own Action message.

How to Debug ROS Programs

How to manage and filter ROS logs, record and replay sensory data, plot Topic Data, draw connections between different nodes of your system, and basic usage of RViz debugging tool.


Learn how to install ROS on your local computer and how to create and manage ROS workspaces..


Ricardo Tellez

Dreaming of a world where robots actually understand what they are doing. Developing the definitive tool that will make it happen.

Ricardo Tellez

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Alberto Ezquerro

Making easier the way the people learn how to program robots.

Alberto Ezquerro

Robots used

bb8 robot

bb8 robot

IRI Wam robot

IRI Wam robot

Parrot AR.Drone robot

Parrot AR.Drone robot

Turtlebot robot

Turtlebot robot

Learning Path

ROS For Beginners

ROS For Beginners


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