Reinforcement Learning for Robotics Course - Python

Learn the main reinforcement learning techniques and algorithms.

Reinforcement Learning for Robotics course

Course Summary

The course will give you the state-of-the-art opportunity to be familiar with the general concept of reinforcement learning and to deploy theory into practice by running coding exercises and simulations in ROS.

What you will learn

Course Overview

Introduction to the Course

Unit for previewing the contents of the Course. Includes a practical demo.

The reinforcement learning problem

Learn some reinforcement learning basic concepts and terminology.

Dynamic programming problem

Learn about the dynamic programming (DP) concept, which in our case is tailored for solving reinforcement learning problems - Bellman equations.

Monte Carlo methods

In this unit, we are going to continue our discussion about optimal policies, which the agent evaluates, improves, and follows through Monte Carlo methods.

Temporal-Difference methods

In this unit, we are going to continue our journey of finding the most optimal way to solve MDP, for the environment where the dynamics (transitions) are unknown in advance (model-free reinforcement learning).

Course Project

In this final project, your task is to deploy a Q-learning algorithm to solve a maze environment with 3 obstacles.


Markus Buchholz

PhD in Robotics and M.Sc in Electronics and Computer Science and in Economics. His main passion is programming (C++, Python) the Autonomous Systems by use of AI, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

Markus Buchholz

Robots used

Parrot AR.Drone robot

Parrot AR.Drone robot

Turtlebot robot

Turtlebot robot

Learning Path

Machine Learning for Robots

Machine Learning for Robots


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