Mastering ROS : RB-Vogui+ Course - Python

Learn the basic operation for the RB-Vogui+ Robot from Robotnik. Learn how navigation, manipulation and perception can be done with RB-Vogui+.

Mastering ROS : RB-Vogui+ course

Course Summary

RB-Vogui+ manual to learn the basics of Vigui operation.

What you will learn

Course Overview

Unit 0: Robotniks Vogui PLUS platfrom

Intro and demo

Unit 1 Part1: Indoor navigation

Learn how to navigate both indoor and outdoors

Unit 1 Part2 : Outdoor navigation and waypoints

Outdoor navigation with GPS and waypoints use

Unit2: Grasping and perception

Learn how to use perception and moveit to grasp an object

Unit Project

Tiny project to practice all you learned


Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Robots used

RB-Vogui+ robot

RB-Vogui+ robot

Learning Path


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