Intermediate ROS2 Course - Python

Take your ROS2 knowledge to the next level.

Intermediate ROS2 course

Course Summary

In this course, take a deep dive into more advanced ROS2 learning topics.

What you will learn

Course Overview


A brief introduction to the contents of the course. It contains a practical demo.

ROS2 Build System

ROS2 has introduced a new build system, with many changes with respect to ROS1. In this unit, you will learn about the Python build system and how to use it optimally.

Advanced Launch Files

Understand launch files in ROS2 and explore different methods of creating launch files

XML and YAML Launch Files

How to create XML and YAML ROS2 launch files

Node Parameters

Learn how to work with parameters in ROS2

Managing Complex Nodes

Learn about multithreading with ROS2 and callback management

Quality of Service

Understand how QoS is used in ROS2 with simple examples

Understanding DDS

Understand DDS in ROS2 , how to modify it, and how to work with QoS

Lifecycle Nodes

Learn about managed nodes and how they work

Course Project

Create a ROS2 node to detect circular shapes using the laser scan data


Ricardo Tellez

Dreaming of a world where robots actually understand what they are doing. Developing the definitive tool that will make it happen.

Ricardo Tellez

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Alberto Ezquerro

Making easier the way the people learn how to program robots.

Alberto Ezquerro

Robots used

Neobotix MP-400 robot

Neobotix MP-400 robot

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