GTest Framework for ROS2 Course - C++

Understand the GTest (Google Test) framework and how to integrate it with ROS2

GTest Framework for ROS2 course

Course Summary

In this course, we will talk about GTest basics and how you can use GTest to test robotics applications built on ROS2

What you will learn

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Before we address what GTest is and how it works, we will clarify what software testing is and why it is essential in robotics.

Unit Testing with Google Test

Learn to set up your environment for Unit Testing and how to use the basic assertions of GTest.

Test Subscribers and Publishers using GTest

Learn to create basic tests for ROS2 nodes using Publisher and Subscriber nodes.

Full-System and Sub-System Tests

System tests verify the overall functionality of a complete system composed of multiple nodes to ensure that they all work together as expected on a high level. In this unit, you will learn how to create a comprehensive Navigation2 (Nav2) system test that utilizes Gazebo.

Course Project

In this last unit, you will write tests that cover a ROS2 package. Get ready to apply the approach from the previous units, only this time, push yourself and fight to get it done on your own.


Roberto Zegers

PMP, B.Sc in Business Management. He loves all things robotics and is constantly exploring technology advancements evolving and shaping up the future of business.

Roberto Zegers

Robots used

Neobotix MP-400 robot

Neobotix MP-400 robot

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