Generative AI for Robotics Course - Python

Learn all you need to go from knowing nothing about the technology behind ChatGPT to using it in a robot for moving, perception, and human command understanding.

Generative AI for Robotics course

Course Summary

Generative AI is the next step after the Deep Learning revolution. It allows systems to create new behaviors, movements, information, and data based on their training.

This discipline in AI is here to stay and any engineer needs to master these skills as soon as possible because this train is picking up steam.

What you will learn

There are many skills needed to be able to apply Generative AI to a robot. In this course, we will start from the basics, working our way to the main objective of giving our robots enough intelligence to understand human commands by text, and voice, understand the world around it, and navigate.

Course Overview


Learn the fundamentals creating moving a robot with AI


Learn the basic fundamentals of generative language models

Generative AI models basics

Learn how to train and finetune generative models like ChatGPT

Generative AI for Robot Actions

Learn how to apply generative ai language models to move a robot with human readable commands

Vision Language Models

Learn how to use Vision Language models for perception

Navigation with AI

Use Ai to train a Generative model to map from human instructions to waypoints in a navigation map


Robots used

deepmind_bot robot

deepmind_bot robot

mo robot

mo robot

Learning Path


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